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At the center of most every business is a heartbeat. That heartbeat usually runs on technology. Technology like computer networks with many PC’s connecting together, which are connected to the millions of other computers via the internet. Through the last 20 years, computers and telephony systems have grown and changed tremendously. Sorting through these technologies is often confusing and frustrating. Computers and Telephony Technology is a fast moving industry. No matter what direction, up or down, the stocks of hi tech companies go, technology marches on, in a direction of constant change to make it self better, faster and easier to use.

Through this progression of the past 27 years, small medium and large businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas have used PC & Cable, formerly PC Connexion, to guide them and help them improve their computers, network and telephones systems.

Since 1983, PC & Cable has been installing and servicing single computers or entire networks for those who need or enjoy technology. Started in a garage in southwest Houston in 1983, Marc & Luanne Edelman have steadily and carefully expanded their business from 300 square feet of the garage, to a 1000 square foot office suite in League City in the year 1985, then a 4000 square foot building also in League City, to their current 14000 square foot facility again in League City. “The first 1000 square foot facility was a scary jump” said Marc Edelman. “My wife wanted her house back. Our living room looked like an assembly line at a manufacturing facility. I liked working at home, but it really was a bit ridiculous. Our evenings were basically packing boxes and filing orders for new computers”. By day we went on site and installed the computer and telephone systems. Then we started hiring people and that was also a bit scary. All of sudden we had payroll and rent.” PC & Cable companies currently employ approximately 40 people. Fortunately, the ongoing need for their goods and services fueled the companies growth through the 80’s, 90’s and through into the new millennium.

PC & Cable has developed a one-stop shop for technology services. They have a ground up approach and a no finger pointing policy to the computer and telephony business. They install all the pieces of technology that every business needs. The cabling systems that run the telephones and computers, hubs, switches and routers that connect computers together and the network to the internet. PC & Cable manufactures and sells computer systems and file servers. They sell and service printers as well. They sell and install uninterruptible power supply systems as well as sophisticated micro turbine generator systems to power entire buildings to keep their computers and telephones running. What is truly unique is PC & Cable’s ability to scale its service to fit most any business large or small.

PC & Cable has two business units, PC & Cable, which is the computer technology unit and PC Cable Connexion Inc., which is the telephony, and network structured cable system installation arm of the company. “The network cable unit was started out of necessity. When we would install networks, many times we would have problems with outside cable installers. When we would install a network we would have a great deal of problems if the cable was not installed to the proper standards,” said Edelman. “The customer does not want to hear you, as a technology provider, blame someone else for why your technology solution is not working correctly. Many times we would actually have to fix cable problems ourselves to make our computer equipment work correctly. It was our goal to provide a complete and one stop service to our customers so the development of our own cable and telephone installation company was a natural progression for us.” Coupled with their technical knowledge of the systems that run over the cable infrastructure they install, PC & Cable can help their customers keep their systems running better than other companies that are very narrowly focused. “We always keep the bigger picture in view when helping our customers. We take ongoing training and keep up with industry change, which is no small undertaking,” said Luanne Edelman. “In a industry like the technology business, if you don’t keep up, you’re going to wither like a flower in the winter. Knowledge of the systems of the past, the current technology, and what is coming in the future is what gives us the ability to guide our customers to the technology that is right for them. As well as keep our customers on the right technology track so that they are ready for changes to technology that affects them. Once their system is installed we are then able to provide the proper ongoing administration and maintenance that these systems require to give our customers maximum up time and keep their systems operating for the long term as they were intended to be used,” said Luanne. We are structured to scale our services to most any size to service our customer’s needs. From single computer for your home, a small network of 2-10 business computers to a network 200 or more, we have the services you need.

“What we, as a company are finding, is that most small and medium size companies are requiring remote access to their office systems. I attribute this to women and men who bare the responsibilities of running a company and have the obligations of family life too. With the availability of broadband on an unprecedented level, we have developed solutions that allow persons to remotely and securely access their office systems so that when they have to work late, they can do so in the comfort of their own home and be able to interact with their spouses and children on some level while still getting the necessary office work done. We have even developed solutions that I use to access my office system from soccer practice with my laptop,” said Luanne. “This has been very helpful in letting me meet my obligations to my company and my family.”

Another big concern these days is one of security for networks and computer systems. PC & Cable offers firewalls of all sizes and has a security solution that fits your organization. “Hackers and viruses are some of the biggest threats our customers face, “said James Trojanowski Vice President of Operations. “It is unfortunate, but true, that some of the most significant problems of our customers’ computers and networks are caused by vandals. When I was a youngster, vandals broke windows and were easily caught. Now a vandal can sit in their room Washington State, reek havoc on your computer network system form thousands of miles away and you have no idea what is happening other than your system stops working correctly. What we can offer our customers is to secure and protect their system, “said Mr. Trojanowski.

“What customers need to realize is that once they are connected to broadband connectivity to the internet their security concerns must increase because they are now usually connected all the time and this makes the mission of the hacker/vandal easier. So many installations we come across do not have adequate protection from hacker/vandals.”

“Many of our customers start their networks without really intending to build a network,” said Mr. Frank Wadkins, Vice President of Operations for PC Cable Connexion Inc.
“They start with one computer, and then they need a second, so they throw a cable over the ceiling tile and hang it down the wall. Then they need a third so they get a hub and throw another cable over a ceiling tile and hang it down the wall, and before you know it, they have 5-10 computers connected and wires running under the carpet, under desks, across walkways, until they build a spider web of the wrong kind of cable, trying to do a job it is not designed for. Today’s networks have very stringent requirements for the type of cable, the manner in which the cable is run, and the pieces of hardware that terminate the cable at each end. Just because you use Category 5e parts to build your structured cable systems, does not mean that your cable system will perform to even the less stringent Category 5 standards. There are so many mistakes that can be made that we have to go to school 2 weeks a year to maintain our knowledge and update our certifications by the manufactures we install for. By having these certifications, we protect our customers by offering them a 25 years warranty from the manufacturers that design and sell the cable systems that we install. I recently read an article that stated
that the cable system has a average life of 10 years but that only 7% of total computer budget over that 10 period is spent on it’s installation and maintenance. It is truly the longest lasting piece of the network but also the most often ignored part of the system. The Cable infrastructure of your network, and telephone system are the foundation of the rest of your network, and the worse shape the system is in, usually the harder your entire network is to maintain,” said Wadkins.

“After installation, a cabling system must pass a stringent set of test done by a network analyzer such as the Fluke DSP series,” said Mr. Ron Holliday Vice President of Field Operations. “We are one of a few companies in the area that has a commitment to proper installation and testing of our Cable infrastructure systems. Without testing with these analyzers, installers have no way to know if the cable they just installed is going to cause network problems. Because of the high cost of these cable analyzers many companies who install cable simply cannot afford to employ them in their installation procedure. Our testers have the ability to save and later print the results of our testing. This helps us maintain the quality check of our installs as well as a record of our customer’s installation. On systems that we have been called in to trouble shoot, we find that many problems are introduced into the network by an improperly installed cable infrastructure. So many people do not realize the importance of properly installing the cable, that it is often ignored until it is a real problem. We usually repair poorly installed cable systems, but on occasion we have had to replace badly installed cable system in their entirely, in order to make the customers network operate properly,” said Holliday.

PC & Cable Companies offer service for individuals as well as small, medium and large businesses to help them with a single computer/printer problem or with their entire computer, voice, and technology needs. PC & Cable brings a level of technology services that in the past were only available to large corporations who employed an entire department to specify, design, and maintain their technology systems. In addition to these other technology services, PC & Cable offers service for printers and monitors, too. PC & Cable offers in and out of warranty factory service for Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Okidata and many other manufacturers. So if the heart beat of your organization needs a pacemaker, defibrillation, or a complete transplant, please call or visit our facility at 202 Reynolds Avenue, in League City, you can reach PC & Cable and PC Cable Connexion Inc. at 281-338-5400.

Services and Products Offered

  • On Site Service for Printers, Computer, Networks, Network and Voice Cabling, copper and fiber optic
  • Computers, File servers, Networking Hardware, Routers, Firewalls
  • Telephone Systems sales and service
  • Power Protection for computers, Networks and Telephone systems.
  • Technology consulting and project management.
  • In our facility-computer and printer repair.

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