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Important Information: State of Texas Introduces New Recycling Rules

Recycle Computers and Electronic Components

Computer recycling, also known as e-cycling, is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of old computers, monitors, circuit boards, and other electronic components. Disposal of computers and electronic parts is best completed in a green manner.

PC & Cable will recycle computers produced by us and branded with

PC & Cable

PC Connexion





Do you have a PC & Cable Computer system that is no longer in use? Please bring it to our offices located at 202 Reynolds Avenue, League City Texas 77573 between the hours of 9am and 6pm central time Monday through Friday. We will recycle it for you at no charge.

To Recycle PC & Cable computer systems please call Marc Edelman 281-332-4798 or email at

Effective September 1, 2008 all system builders will be required to have a recycling or recovery plan in place and on file with the State of Texas. Behemoth Corporation d/b/a PC & Cable. has submitted our existing plan to the state and we are waiting for confirmation that we will appear on the TCEQ list.

According to the TCEQ Website:

"Starting September 1, 2008, you will not be permitted to sell in or into the State of Texas any computer equipment (listed above) of a manufacturer unless the manufacturer appears on the TCEQ list as having submitted a recovery plan and notified the TCEQ of its compliant collection program."

On or before September 1, 2008 we will begin placing a permanent sticker on any systems we build in order to comply with these new regulations.

For a complete copy of the TCEQ rules, please click here.

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