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Technical Experience

We are well-versed in a variety of operating systems, networks, and databases. We use this expertise to help our customers with a variety of small to mid-sized projects. 

High ROI on your Computer Repair

Many companies find that having a full time person for IT eats into their budget for new technology and other important expenditure. Many companies don't have enough work for a full time IT staff.  By outsourcing your IT services to us,  you can focus on what you do best--running your business. Let us provide you computer & network services

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That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. Let us be your provider for computer & network services.

About Our Company

Our Story Since 1983



At the center of most every business is a heartbeat. That heartbeat usually runs on technology. Technology like computer networks with so many PC’s connecting together, locally which are then connected to the millions of other computers via the internet. Through the last 37 years, computers and telephony systems have grown and changed tremendously. Sorting through these technologies is often confusing and frustrating. Computers and Telephone Technology is a fast-moving industry. No matter what direction, up or down, the stocks of hi-tech companies go, technology marches on, in a direction of constant change to make itself better, faster and easier to use. 

Through this progression of the past 37 years, small medium and large businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas have used PC & Cable, to help them improve their computers, network and telephone systems. Since 1983, PC & Cable has been installing and servicing single computers or entire networks for those who need or enjoy technology. Started in a garage in southwest Houston in 1983, Marc & Luanne Edelman have steadily and carefully expanded their business from 300 square feet of the garage, to a 1000 square foot office suite in League City in the year 1985, then a 4000 square foot building also in League City, to their current 14000 square foot facility again in League City. “The first 1000 square foot facility was a scary jump” said Marc Edelman. “My wife wanted her house back. Our living room looked like an assembly line at a manufacturing facility. I liked working at home, but it really was a bit ridiculous. Our evenings were basically packing boxes and filing orders for new computers”. By day we went on site and installed the computer and telephone systems. Then we started hiring people and that was also a bit scary. All of sudden we had payroll and rent.” Fortunately, the ongoing need for their goods and services fueled the company’s growth through the 80’s, 90’s and through into the new millennium. PC & Cable has developed a one-stop shop for technology services. They have a ground up approach and a no finger pointing policy to the computer and telephony business. They install all the pieces of technology that every business needs. The cabling systems that run the telephones and computers, hubs, switches and routers that connect computers together and the network to the internet. PC & Cable manufactures and sells computer systems and file servers. They sell and service printers as well. They sell and install uninterruptible power supply systems. What is truly unique is PC & Cable’s ability to scale its service to fit most any business large or small. 

PC & Cable has several business units, the computer technology unit, security cameras /access control, telephony, and network structured cable system installation division. “The network cable unit was started out of necessity. When we would install networks, many times we would have problems with outside cable installers. When we would install a network, we would have a great deal of problems if the cable was not installed to the proper standards,” said Edelman. “The customer does not want to hear you, as a technology provider, blame someone else for why your technology solution is not working correctly. Many times, we would have to fix cable problems ourselves to make our computer equipment work correctly. It was our goal to provide a complete and one stop service to our customers so the development of our own cable and telephone installation company was a natural progression for us.” Coupled with their technical knowledge of the systems that run over the cable infrastructure they install; PC & Cable can help their customers keep their systems running better than other companies that are very narrowly focused. “We always keep the bigger picture in view when helping our customers. We take ongoing training and keep up with industry change, which is no small undertaking,” said Luanne Edelman. “In a industry like the technology business, if you don’t keep up, you’re going to wither like a flower in the winter. Knowledge of the systems of the past, the current technology, and what is coming is what gives us the ability to guide our customers to the technology that is right for them. As well as keep our customers on the right technology track so that they are ready for changes to technology that affects them. Once their system is installed, we are then able to provide the proper ongoing administration and maintenance that these systems require to give our customers maximum up time and keep their systems operating for the long term as they were intended to be used,” said Luanne. We are structured to scale our services to most any size to service our customer’s needs. From single computer for your home, a small network of 2-10 business computers to a network 200 or more, we have the services you need. 


Network Cabling

Network Cabling Services, Cat6, Coax, Fiber Optic, Single Mode, Multi-Mode, Fusion Splicing.

Network Cabling Services

  an industry-leading design-build contractor, specializing in low voltage structured cabling systems supporting data, voice, and physical security networks. Founded in 1983, PC & Cable is headquartered in League City Texas.

We are called upon to design, build, and deliver a broad range of Network Cabling solutions.  PC & Cable is proud of the lasting client relationships maintained since 1983.

Ask anyone in our company what we do, and invariably you'll hear the same answer; “We do whatever it takes.” From our executive management team to the technicians in the field, our mission is to demonstrate a commitment to integrity, quality workmanship, technology and customer service at every opportunity. Where customer satisfaction is concerned, we’ll go the distance.

Our values are simple. As a fully-insured, bonded, and licensed contractor, we always devote the necessary resources and time to excel on every level. We never compromise our ethics. And we will consistently strive to see a little farther down the road in order to become a partner in your success.

The Foundation of Your Enterprise is your Cabling

 Your structured cabling infrastructure must maintain high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its computer environment. Getting the cabling infrastructure designed and installed properly the first time should be the priority.  Without a properly designed and installed cabling infrastructure, you risk less than optimum system performance, which could ultimately bring your network down and cause lost revenues. Our broad range of solutions, coupled with our extensive experience in successfully completing projects for 1000's of local companies, Small-Medium Businesses (SMB), municipalities, and academia, will ensure you get the job done right the first time. OPTICAL FIBER • PC & C able has high performance, high bandwidth single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber solutions. This allows for flexibility in design and enables your business to achieve the performance metrics that are right for your network application. COPPER • PC & Cable provides certified Category 6 (augmented or standard) and Category 5e copper connectivity solutions for all your needs. All copper cabling solutions are installed, tested, and certified to meet or exceed the latest industry standards. COAX • High-performance, low-loss coaxial cable, connectors, and cable assemblies deliver optimum electrical and mechanical performance. Coax cable is ideal for demanding installation sites that require highly flexible braided cable, such as with commercial wireless broadband and enterprise network applications. CABLE MANAGEMENT • PC & Cable delivers structural support systems, which organize, store, and secure cabling and valuable computer, data, and communications equipment.  

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