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Why are Security Cameras Important

 Install video surveillance systems inside and outside the workplace to record criminals who vandalize or steal company property. The video images will help the police in the ensuing investigation. Video surveillance cameras also record acts of employee theft. The cameras can act as a crime deterrent. When criminals see a surveillance camera, or employees know surveillance is in place, it discourages criminal activity. 

Protect Your Employees

 Video surveillance systems protect employees both directly and indirectly. Set up video cameras in company parking lots and outside the building to record criminal activity.   This can help insure that employees reach their vehicles safely. The video system can record instances of employee abuse or harassment towards other employees, which can be used as evidence against the antagonist. Video surveillance protects employees indirectly by monitoring each visitor who comes into the building and keeps a video record of suspicious activity. 

Increase Productivity

 Managers and supervisors can use video surveillance to monitor employee productivity, determine job performance areas where the employee needs improvement and insure that employees follow company safety rules. Maintenance employees can use video surveillance cameras to detect equipment that needs repair and equipment that is operating in an unsafe manner. Because employees, managers and supervisors cannot be everywhere at once, a video surveillance system monitors productivity without hiring additional personnel. 

Customer Documentation

 Retail establishments use video surveillance to monitor what customers do. For example, if a client claims to have purchased an expensive item but does not have the receipt, video surveillance records are used to determine whether she was in the store on the day in question, and if she did purchase the item. Video surveillance will clarify an exchange between a client and a store employee. If the customer is looking for financial compensation because she claims an employee was rude to her, and the video evidence says otherwise, the store can present its evidence to support the employee's case. 

Remote Access

Remote access to security cameras allows for you to monitor important property and systems can alert you of activity within site of the cameras. We are a one stop shop for Network Cabling and Security Cameras.